Predict commodity prices using artificial intelligence

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Commodity price prediction using artificial intelligence ebook

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What is commodity price prediction with artificial intelligence?



What is AI exactly used for?



How does AI differ from the industry’s most common methods of predicting market fluctuations?



Why use AI in commodity price prediction?


How AI impacts your colleagues, your business, and your processes

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What is the use of artificial intelligence in commodity price prediction?

Several studies have shown that AI-based forecasts perform better than human judgment and more rudimentary forms of statistical modeling.

Our goal isn’t to convince you to abandon the current methods. Instead, we want to illustrate that AI as an additional tool that will bring greater accuracy to your decision making.

Our hope is to encourage your company to move from descriptive analysis (understanding what happened in the past to make better judgments about the future) to predictive analysis.

Predictive analysis crosses all available data to predict the likelihood of future events, outcomes, or values to make price predictions.

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